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When I started first became interested in dreams, I focused on their creative potential. Apocryphal stories of scientists, the dreams that had led labor to important discoveries or inventions inspired me. When I began teaching to dream work, seemed this creative, applied aspect of dreams have the most appeal to people. People naturally questions "what is in it for me?", the time to the study dreams to justify.

Creating dreams fits well with Edgar Cayce unique approach to dream work. Rather than looking for the "correct" interpretation of a dream, we would progress he suggested by the search for ways to dream, their actions apply. "Follow" a generally understandable way to bring its philosophy your dreams may be. The deeper idea was if someone to something about the dream is to create a relationship between the person and the dreams in the perceived acts, that action will stimulate a dream response and in the course of time.

On dream insights has been the topic of historical A.R.E. dream of research project (now again introduced 30-some years later, in the twenty-first century as the Edgar Cayce dream quest project to make, see website:, which demonstrates that ordinary people can creatively use their dreams for instructions, as long as they can to develop insights into the creative search on dream Act. This project established clearly the practical value of dreams - their ability, creative guidance for daytime jobs.

Today, the dream scene is quite different. There is a broader perspective on the value of the dreams of the sober practical. The average person can still questions "What is in it for me?" If dream work, but the acceptable possible payouts have extended it. While many people in their dreams find personal insights or inspiration for creative expression approach many others their dreams for cure for mental detection, community-building, for soul retrieval, for spiritual encounters, and for dimensional experience, to name a few "applications." review of the magazine, which really for dreamers only dream network, will such wide ranging interests, not necessarily on everyday practicality bound confirm.

One of the active players in the modern field of dreams is Robert Moss, an exemplary Explorer dream worlds and a productive sharer of his discoveries. He appears in his dreams and accepted the invitations in other realities that they make him available. More an Explorer as an interpreter, he speaks to dreams less about what are and more about the dimensions of consciousness, that they reveal. In his recent book, Dreamways of the Iroquois: Honoring the secret desires of the soul (destiny books), he tells us the story of his spiritual initiation from the spirits of the native of Americans, which occurred are in his dreams and his daytime synchronous interaction with indigenous dream keepers. He shares what he from these encounters dream about the journey of the soul consciousness, much like "Mythistory" (, a MOSS terms to use) the soul creation of Edgar Cayce, separation from and reunion has learned a history with the creator. It would be fair to say that Dr. Moss, the important thing about dream for us to use work, remember to as soul of our true spiritual nature.

I have adopted a similar idea in an attempt that combine view Cayce: the purpose of dreaming is for us, with our soul, the treasure empathize in itself. Ideally, dream work would soul consciousness, the usually dormant except, is more a part of our waking consciousness while we sleep. Dr. Moss repeatedly warned us that a dream is a call to action. We must act on the dream, the soul of honor, that it has our consciousness associated.

One of the actions that he is to sing the dream most values! Imagine doing that. Attempt, a dream, sing how I can confirm, it is mood, the shadow of the soul in the dream. Singing creates a spell where the enchantment of the soul in this dream can be experienced. It is more an experience of the energy than insight. Soul energy is like impractical, but with experience, comes to realize how important it is to approach the world with a non-material sense.

Essential for a sense of intuitive, timeless is a co-creative relationship with the development experience, his are dreams. The alternative, as in MOSS, the terrible dream of a modern man amnesic for soul introduces a lifeless, mechanical existence, is completely impractical. Create work the evolving style of today's active dream of the impulses of the soul - whether it an artistic and inventive work, an attempt, a relationship or a new way to honor the consciousness of mind integration industry is.

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