Book review ' why marriages succeed or fail and how you, your last ' by Dr. John Gottman

Dr. John Gottman says: ' If a lesson I have learned it from my many years research, it is, a permanent marriage arises from some ability to resolve the conflicts that are inevitable in every respect '. The following book is not only a couples therapist opinion but a compilation of the results of the work of a relationship experts and scientists, which researched his subject in the last 40 years.


In this book Dr. John Gottman his readers, is by the way, more about their relationship self tests and evaluations. In addition, this book offers practical exercises, quizzes, tips, techniques and proven strategies to improve your relationship or marriage.

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Based on years of his research with real couples, answered Dr. John Gottman first the question "what makes marriage work?" By reading this book you will learn that it significantly different marriage styles, the he "the good, the bad and the volatile" is called and that often argue necessarily does not lead to if other factors in the balance are to divorce.

Dr. John Gottman is famous for "The four horsemen of the Apocalypse", which warning signs of every tumbling in the martial disaster. Dr. Gottman argues that these pitfalls - criticism, defense, contempt and blocking purposes - can be observed pairs, which are to less satisfaction in their relationship.

This book is not just another set of reviews relationship therapist, instead this is the result of his work with thousands of pairs of many years of empirical study. This research has enabled to predict Dr. Gottman, normal relationship experts only are last which relations where couples with 94 percent accuracy to predict this to 10 percent of.

About the author

As already mentioned Dr. John Gottman has large amounts of data exploration pairs in he is called "the love Lab" collected. He has also written and co-authored 40 books and 190 scientific articles published. He has appeared in series such as good morning America, today, CBS morning news, and Oprah, and published some of his works in various publications like the New York today times, day, reader's Digest, and psychology, just to name a few.

Together with his wife, Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, she founded the Gottman relationship Institute; You dates for Marathon therapy and relationship has been teaching workshops.


This is a "must read" If you want your relationship and really, not to improve that? The best case would be if both husband and wife, would read the book, but it is already very beneficial for one to read and the introduction of the concepts to the other.

Personally John Gottman work provided the Foundation for my work with few clients in my practice and concepts work with great success.

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