Book review: Why collide, Mars and Venus by John Gray, PhD

Recently, I have read the book, why Mars and Venus collide, improving relations by understanding how men and women differently to cope with stress by John Gray, PhD. I absolutely loved the book! I must say, this is urgent a required book for couples, because it educates and provides insights and specific tips and strategies on dealing with stress in men and women.

The book explains, how our brains are structured and work differently so influence our behavior. In a chapter with the title are the road, various the author underlines that "men and women have two types of brain, designed both for intelligent behavior". The main difference is that men more gray matter than do women, and women have more white matter than men do. This fact alone explains why we excel at different tasks and different to communicate. The chapter points why men focus to also point out to a task at the same time and women are risk takers multitasking as well as why are men and women are conservative and prioritize security. Because of the fundamental difference in the brain structure and function of women should not expect male and female behavior and vice versa. We should respect these differences and work with each other, these differences hold note.

Another part of the book points the difference in hormones and their effect on our behavior. Particular focus is on stress hormones and their effect on a man and one woman's well is. Women generally have to keep their oxytocin levels and men keeping focus on their testosterone levels. The author specifies a list of 100 ways a woman can raise their oxytocin levels and 100 ways, how, which a man a woman can help to increase their level of oxytocin. I found the 90/10-solution for a woman, held especially revealing to their feel good hormone; This is something I will always remain in my mind. It is about also Tips how her husband a woman can raise his testosterone levels.

Dedicated to the author explains why the fighting start three chapters of the book, what we can do, stop to prevent them, such as a fight, and after a battle are like you. This chapter is loaded with helpful tips and suggestions. From now on I will keep in mind, the "mix feelings and problem-solving just works". The author suggests that we have two types of Gesprächen--an emotional tension, called Venus speak, and to reduce the other to the solution of the problem.

I had several "AHA" moments while reading of the book. This is the book which I on is related to responses and memories to deal with stress and improve a relationship with my partner. Now, I have a better understanding of our differences and what my partner and I need to effectively stress to cope with. I know that the application of the tips and strategies that bring couples described in the book will help the best from their partners.

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