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Have you ever wondered why you slightly boring, never about anything for a long time keep, quickly lose interest in things, or change your mind about what you want and nothing to do at the end? Good news: according to Barbara Sher's book you may be only a "Scanner".


Barbara Sher brings us closer to a kind of person, not only as above described the traditional ' to find out what you want to get a career and follow it with matter and passion for the rest of your life ' schema follows.

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The subtitle of this book is "A revolutionary programme for doing all, the you love" and refers to the fact that often fight scanner find not in the location, choose a thing and stay. Barbara suggests otherwise: select deny.

The author identifies seven types of scanners, in two groups divided: cyclic scanner and sequential scanner. The first 3 are the cyclic scanner:
Double agent: People, who have fantasies, two people, who is doing the right thing and another, free, is their dreams to life.Sybil: This is someone who has many areas of interest and it back to them over and over, but rarely anything done.Plate spinner: They are because they love many things going on at the same time excited, solve problems, but all this leaves little time for their own projects.

The cyclic scanner know what their interests, unlike are sequential scanner as that, always a new interest to discover. The following six types include the sequential scanner:
Serial specialist: Shine commit them often in complete what they are, but then, often about your game, stop field and start something new.Serial master: For these people interests come and go, but the love years always remains. Once they have mastered something, they go for a new project search.Jack of all trades: Jacks enjoy learning for its own sake. You are usually not passionate about all 1 career but the love of learning something new and help people.Walker: This is someone who loves random experiences and you can move toward what looks even more attractive and interesting.Sampler: These people are looking for a special type of wealth in their lives and find that it very few ways to fill it.High-speed undecided: They are perhaps the most misunderstood of all scanners as the get way moved to something new sooner than others, but not because they lost interest, because they see something more fascinating.

In addition to a detailed description of different types of scanners Barbara shares many valuable tools and techniques, the scanner life be easier.

About the author

In addition to Barbara Sher is an author of six self-help books is also a motivational speaker, workshop, entrepreneurs and has much experience in working as a counselor, working with many scanners collected. In addition has both national and local radio and television, including shows such as Oprah, today, 60 minutes, and good morning America appeared. She lives in New York City.


This is a great book if you feel that you could have a scanner, your life questions, have lived: why is it that anyone can their passion, but I can't seem to find, start and stop many finds projects or never finished anything?

In my work with clients I have found extremely valuable it, to help people to find their freedom and passion by the realization that they achieve by reading this book.

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