Book review - "Optimize the infinite spirit" by Prof Erantha de Mel

Prof. Erantha de Mel in his latest book "optimizing the infinite mind" offers a compelling exposé of the human mind processes. It explains the thought patterns and thinking styles, reprogram, how to get the results you want in life; and it provides also a technology for the creation of change. The book explains how to create patterns of thoughts, feelings and behavior and how we develop habits and spiritual programs over a period of time, very clearly. Habits are formed overnight. If we again and again - do the same, over a period of time, we make a habit. Our thoughts are also habits. Each of us has the ability to check, possibilities, our spirit of re-program, and create new neurological pathways to success to achieve.

Prof. Erantha de Mel is the founder of the neural optimization technique. He is an internationally recognized cognitive neuroscientist, and was the recipient of the Cambridge blue book man of the year award in 2005 for his contribution to the field of neuroscience and cybernetics. As a practicing psychologist and researcher, psychology and parapsychology; He engages in extensive research in both fields and is a scholar with original research in altered States of consciousness and psycho cybernetics. The neural optimization technique (NeuralOpTech) offers several applications performance and much more for business modeling, counseling, psychology, management development, sport. This technique is also a way out of old habits, fears limiting beliefs, and is a structure for new and empowering ways of being in the world. Some people just breathe air; You enjoy the fragrance and Tang in every breath that they take others. Some people in a landscape and see cliffs, valleys, fields and streams; Others see minute details life, climate and splendor. "There are no facts in the life." We have only perceptions "-Prof. de Mel says in his book." What we perceive is a fact for us.

He treated very effectively problems such as sabotage (sabotage of own success), refinery self perception (what you believe about themselves), and what you expect from your life (manifestation of intention) received. Techniques described in this book help to unravel and to redefine life situations; and feelings and thoughts to the own advantage to clarify. It offers new resources to a proactive and positive move forward. He shows how practice positive emotional States on a daily basis, and manifest as expectations in life. He says "If you"happy"every day is feeling in his life practices, it's easier on luck", because this person is practicing it, confirm, and create. That is, why is it so important to choose happiness as the prevailing state of mind. On the contrary, created when you feel depressed and low feeling is and if this person practice holds back to this depression - inevitably, there depression in it.

The book describes the validity of your thought processes study, important that change your mind. "In the search for the validity of your thoughts, need to defend you and produce evidence that the basics have been met for your thoughts." The incorrect type if you are this challenge-just not in the position, is exposed to your thoughts. Their thoughts are also habits. If you are in the same way over and over again - think over a period of time, so thought processes are habits. In other words, they are "automatically" thought processes. If irrational thinking instead of responding to the reality of the situation involved an individual on their own distorted point of view the situation tends to respond. For example, a person may conclude that he is "worthless" simply because he failed a test or an interview. "It is important to identify these distorted patterns of thinking or cognitive distortions, and change or restructuring them in a realistic way."

This book is written with the average reader in mind with minimal technical terminology. The information provided is excellent, and in personal development and attitudinal change of inestimable value. It is a "must read" book!

Title: Optimization of the infinite mind
Author: Erantha de Mel
Publisher: Meli Inc. United States
Paperback: 552 pages
ISBN-10: 0982046200
ISBN-13: 978-0982046203
Reader rating: +++++

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