Book review-"the five love languages" by Dr. Gary Chapman

When I first on the book cover I thought "Oh wow, that looks a bit too sweet for me", but I bought it even when it read by one of my clients featured came as a good and interesting. This is now many years ago and I pair since used ideas from this book with all who work with me is.


After many years of recognized Dr. Chapman, advice that individuals had different ways in the love they showed to another person and, for whatever reason, they are usually to someone show it differently. He came up with five basic categories: words of affirmation, quality time, receive gifts, acts of service and physical touch.

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This book explains the different love languages (categories) in detail, as you discover your primary love language and talks about, what is happening through the various stages of a relationship.

Dr. Gary Chapman adds his comments with many stories of people who attended his seminars and have, with the theory of ' the five love languages ', significantly changed the level of satisfaction in their relationship or marriage.

I liked especially his theory of love tank and the idea that we numbers with love to the currency that is our primary language, with the account of the recipient of another currency might prefer. He also proposes a game where a partner of the other asks pairs: "what could I do today would make your love tank rise?" By the responsibility for your own needs and preferences and stating, what would be let to your partner, more and more ideas on how to make tank to collect the most effective payments in your emotional love.

If you curious now what are your primary language is: there is a test at the end of the book for him and for them.

About the author

Dr. Gary Chapman is a pastor, speaker, and author. He teaches his five love languages and talks about marriage, family and relationship, in the States and internationally. He has written over 30 books and five video programs created.

' The five love languages ' was published in 1992 and since then been translated into over 40 languages been. This book has over five million copies so that it sells a perennial New York Times bestseller.


The effect that this had on so many couples who I have worked with is more than the number of books sold. This book is easy to read for men and women and has practical tips as your relationship more satisfied and happy to make. This is the basic knowledge for each couple, married or not.

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