Body and soul: Effects of computational theory

Currently I Steven Pinker am's book "the mind functioning" read. Within the first chapter I find it quite difficult to leave the notes. I am constantly write things down and to make notes of them. It is in this first chapter or at the least, where I am at in this section, where Pinker explains about the beauty and significance of the computational theory.

"" "It is a great ideas in the intellectual history, for it to solve the puzzle, from which the"mind-body problem": such as the Ethereal world of meaning and intention, the stuff of our spiritual life, associated with a physical hunk of matter such as the brain."

He will later prove it, show that the spirit calculated information, links to other information that is associated with other information. This continuous link information can link to memory, to those to physical interaction. He used the analogy of a child, to visit his Grandma, you wants to go to the bus. If the child did not like his grandmother, the child would not go in then. Also, he would not go, if the bus rout a different would take. Selection of the action with the own is the computational theory links together.

With the computational theory, I find an interesting link. Mind and body are not separated, but the spirit is a functional component of the brain. In this sense, we use an analogy with the computer. But for critics with Pinker's work, he in fact specify be familiar resistance to the brain computer metaphor because the brain is completely difference and sufficiently powerful actions. He is even to state:

"" "The computational theory of mind is not the same as the despised" computer metaphor. ""

It is very true with this, but this discrimination should be to limit us. The brain is not as a metaphorical Pinker computer has done a great job show that out - but analog can be the brain to a computer. In this way we say, we will show "The brain is like a computer", that "If the brain then was a computer,..." In its simplest form, it is an attempt to implement a complex idea in a simple, easy to understand form: the sole purpose of the analogy.

To preserve continuity: we can make the brain similar to a computer. That is, if the brain of a computer, then would the computer monitor the spirit. People logistic for you minded: brain: computer: spirit: computer monitor. In this way we can achieve what want to we without to much in the "computer metaphor". What does this mean for the mind? Now, it simply means that the spirit is the calculated reality around us. Our mind collects information from sense organs. Then our spirit, calculated that information. After a series of calculation, our brain spits a symbolisation which was information received and calculated. This is how our mind works generally, or at least according to the computational theory.

If you are in doubt of the computational theory, let it known that it the current edge of psychology and other cognitive sciences. It is one of the theories that deeper has allowed us to peer into the cognitive mind.

"Without the computational theory it is the development of the spirit sense impossible."

Pinker says. The computational theory of mind gives us a very simplified version of the functioning of the mind. Not give us the important details, but it opens our eyes and eliminates confusion. Areas that it is science, like all here it is prone to doubt and argument, but for the sake recognized best practice for the progress, and brings it to all understanding.

Conclude the mind/monitor analogy, and I quote Pinker one more time:

"Human thinking and behavior, no matter ow subtle and flexible, could be the product of a very complex program and this program can our Foundation of natural selection have been."

Here, pink States is unique, the thoughts and behavior-the essence of the human mind - the product of the calculations of a very complex program, our brain.

By the former analogy, we can make more logical deductions for mind and body. Are the separate? Is the body only a physical transport of an ethereal entity? Or are they the same? Is the spirit only a by-product of a biological organ which means sufficiently over billions of years of evolutionary? I find that if properly used our analogy, we will find that the latter is logical truth as the former. Body and mind are not in fact separated, but the mind is brain function.

Think of it this way:

* Spirit comes with the brain
* The spirit matures with the brain
* The function of the spirit is based solely on the function of the brain
* The mind experiences can be linked directly to reactions in the brain

Body and spirit are not separate, but the spirit is a function of the brain. I cannot overemphasize this point.

Perhaps if it can be a spirit in us, then we soon someday logically it discover. Brackets but until then, will I still be on this evidence and the philosophical issue: mind and body are not separated, but the spirit is the function of the brain.

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