Ayn Rand philosophy and some further comments to check

Recently, a popular and I were busy Ayn Rand discuss theories, and it turns out that she had read some 7 books on the subject, while they were still a teenager. This is impressive, as Ayn Rand's philosophies quite a leap of the normal things are they young people in school teaching. After reading about the biography pages on one of my websites, they told me; You must the living proof of Ayn Rand's theories are.

Interestingly, Yes, I'm a fan of Ayn Rand and I own most of all her books and belong to the Ayn Rand Institute. I often feel like one of her characters in fountain head or Atlas Shrugged. Mentioned my acquaintance "the virtue of selfishness" However, I do not know if I have the specific book - perhaps I somewhere here do?

You see, I think that (egoism) partly capitalism works so well, as it the species whereas pulls the human inborn characteristics. Namely; You want something, or more, you need to create then more, either in the laboratory or in a business deployment of were and to get services to other units of the trade, you must things get you want. In fact, I'm perfectly okay with this theory of the economy in this respect.

Now then, the human inborn characteristics, to help others seems to result, in that a positive splashing chemicals in the brain, one could argue a selfish need - it is a MOM of a child or a person to empathize with a foreign - and action responding to these emotional needs. So their theories meet also what people may call the selfish gene, which employs masking as a "not selfish gene" is and, Yes, I have to believe that it is a combination, but then philosophically speaking it could be argued, that it is the right, only people really understand not just what they, say in this context has. See this point?

Ain has certainly demonized edge on the front of "Objectivism". I'm more a fan of their theories, and I see why the Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan was also a fan of her. The Communists and Socialists cannot stand her. In just their old video interviews, as they are talking about Congress its total despise of communism, and I was, I could see, do not blame them, I would like to farm life in a beehive of mankind or an Ant either!

Has to say it questions whether perhaps they just don't understand what I am me, okay with most of what it said non-religious person, and while so many try, I attack their philosophy. Perhaps you will observe all this.

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