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Is genuine is simply put, one of the best books I've read all year round. It provides a process for the communication with other real and non-fiction book so clearly and effectively. Thomas d ' Ansembourg is a student of Marshall Rosenberg non-violent communication process but instead simply principles repeat Rosenberg, he improved and nonviolent communication based on his experience as a psychotherapist and youth Advisor to a new dimension added. Who learns and practices his four simple steps will quickly discover that their everyday communication is clear, less judgmental and less conflictual, because the responsibility for their feelings and actions and creation of an area to connect. I never have an easier way, show people, how she met their needs without worrying about the conflict get can come.

Originally published in France in the year 2001, the English translation only recently in the United States was published. As d ' Ansembourg deeply he cares about the language used, the book is beautiful and elegantly written, to read a pleasure with a terrific translation. He wears several hats at appropriate times in the book. As a psychotherapist, he delves into the psychology of why and how we are separated from us. Quite nice, a function of neglect is our needs, the listen not to ourselves, so that we can meet the needs of others. As a philosopher d ' Ansembourg examine major theoretical issues of the individual in society and the importance and value, which we on language to place. As a coach, he is gentle and thoughtful, but persistent, as he follow us through our confusion and fear with simple, practical steps and measures results.

As someone who reads much (and helped the genre) I am self-help books happy, to say that this book is a cut above the rest. The principles he so fundamental and so important are explained for good communication, every child should be taught them early. He does, that if a fraction of the military budgets teaching communication skills were dedicated to, there would fewer conflicts and less crimes of aggression. Go to our priorities. The fundamental problem is, that more of us will 'be nice', rather than real be informed. The result is that we grow up the needs of other maintenance and even though we know that something is wrong, it is missing the language and the skills of our authentic self be. As a coach, I see "Maintenance" behavior too often. With a resource as is real makes it easier to turn my task of clients.

I can describe best as real as a very readable authentic communication, full of examples, theory and real heat Guide. D ' Ansembourg describes the four steps:
Note: We respond to something we observe, we hear, or we tell us
Feeling: The above observation generates one or more feelings in us.
Need: The emotions lead us to our needs.
Request: Aware now our needs, we can a request or action to implement.
That's it. Nothing more and nothing less. The trick for the learners as real is free to break out of old beliefs and patterns, but this can consciousness and some exercise with a little. D ' Ansembourg believes that what today passes for communication aggressive and violent. For example, as in the conversation, a door strike is coming judgments and blame. The recipient of this treatment is typically defensive and often the guilt and the aggression returned. His method of communication is like opening a door and you will help your partner by him to come and have a chat by the fire. But wait on them hand and foot, it's about your needs and feelings, to ensure that you get seen by others to articulate. If their needs is not the same as you then a compromise can be negotiated, but this is only possible if any of the other needs knows every page.

Although his respectful techniques may be a bit too touchy-feely for the Office bully, can in a clear awareness of how people communicate, or what is more likely, not communicate the spirit of his teachings is easily adapted and integrated. I d ' Ansembourg the simple and effective techniques coaching have integrated in my with great success, especially for clients who have spent too much of their lives quite nicely on their costs. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn how authentic to communicate or to all experts, which is in the business of working with customers that can use a boost in the field of communications, which is almost everyone in my experience.

Bradley foster - mid life coach

I have written extensively on coaching and midlife. When coach help I my customers get clarity about where they are now and as they were, where they are. I help them define and strengthen you get in step with their beliefs, values, and goals and work according to their agenda. I come to coaching and managing a background as a consultant, artist and as a trained therapist. I am working with my clients to bridge the gap between, they are or what they say, or want to, and who or what actually now, are they by their actions to the expression. Then we develop goals and come up with a life plan and a road map.

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