As the pendulum swings - the mind-brain connection of Lindsay A Brady

Find the link between peace of mind and the joy of consciousness

"As the pendulum swings" Lindsay A. Brady's is true life story. Brady is a national recognized clinical Hypnotherapist. The book is divided into two parts. Part one is about Brady's early interest in hypnosis and his curiosity about the mind/brain connection. It talks about his search for answers to open questions and how he overcame his lack of confidence, his inhibitions, his scholastic deficits and its low sense of self.

Brady used sketches as illustrative case studies for the reader with an understanding of the process and goals of hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. He explained, such as "Perceptionism" is the force in Hypnotherapy. Brady describes how he their self-destructive behaviors to overcome a concept for its customers help developed.

Part two examines his theory behind hypnosis and the influences that led to his conclusions. He discusses perception, regression and altered consciousness. Brady shares illustrations of "Talks" instead of his own "Interior". He tells of drawing on the wisdom from conversations with an inner wisdom, that he named "Socrates."

The book contains a large attachment with information about the structure of a typical Perceptionism meeting, exercise of influence, nervous system and muscular detailed behavior. He gives also insight into the difficulties of stress and eliminate fear. I appreciated the excellent bibliography includes book resources and courses available.

Brady is intellectually stimulating. Writing is fast-moving and hilarious. Its even discard humor hides his true genius. He is very entertaining, full of deep insight and understanding in areas of consciousness and self fulfillment.

"As the pendulum swings" is a welcome addition to the reading list or library of all, the study of the "mind/brain" connection are interested in. Rewarding, stimulates and entertaining.

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