All is what somewhere, so nothing

It is a philosophical puzzle if it around the concept of nothing, especially in the English language as a noun is a person, a place or thing. Everything has a name is a noun, and in the English language "nothing" is a noun. And we know that nouns exist because they are something. Now, some might say this is an error in our language, but actually I don't think it is. And I would like to explain why.

First of all I would like you questions; where is nothing? Well, that's nothing where something or anything that is not. But nothing is a noun, and it is one thing, and it is a name for the thing, even if something does not exist. There is in your mind and nothing is a concept. A concept is one thing, and circular argument for most people, however, I would recommend this may be one, that you read the book; "Our undiscovered universe - introduction of NULL physics - the science of the uniform and unconditional reality" by Terence Witt.

Why you, questions well, because he, why nothing shows exist it must be everywhere, and why it has always been and will always. Without nothing we would and not nothing, or everything we (pun intended) of importance. He shows this scientifically and mathematically, and the book although not cheap, and quite a few pages, it takes the you through the entire process these thoughts.

Nothing can not - exist something without nothing

In fact, if you think about it, anything may be something really part of reality without anything. So this approach makes us question me, nothing can it anywhere, or perhaps anywhere, that is to say nothing anywhere in between is. You know there is plenty of space between each particle of matter, in comparison to its size. All what space between to be said could not, and so, one could also say that nothing is absolutely everywhere, at any time, without fail.

It is almost inconceivable to capture nothing, even though they try for the people, the concept. But perhaps this terminology is finally actually wrong, nothing = no thing. However, if nothing is something, then no thing is something also like these are equal. Perhaps you have the option of the philosophy that nothing the previous considered.

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