Women have higher expectations for men

Perhaps, therefore, that men cheat because even the most beautiful women in the beauty of its own, regardless of how beauty, youth, etc. belonging to a person, not quite. Even the most beautiful women of life are known to be bad. Something is missing. Maybe what men want to be filled with the infinite number of ways. Maybe there are ways. It is possible for men to give their unconditional love. But it is a true unconditional love, which provides unlimited, and the bottom, thank you

We can all be with someone to do something or someone to us and something we can be grateful, even if we are able to do something or give something of ourselves. But we tend to take things for granted and always require self and / or attention of others. If we do not draw attention to himself, or if attention than others, we often choose to sometimes interfere with this sense of ourselves as a lack of care. (Of course, when we sleep, we provide the best care of us, if our dream, sleep is the best attention we or others can make us sleep, dreams, particularly the paradoxical state, the energy and revitalize this is priceless.) Wake up, and almost unconsciously, we offer and / or family by doing. Sometimes we can steer us dream: Anticipating the future, memories of the past, or in lieu of or in addition to work we go shopping and we can move in that direction. In addition, of course, cooking, cleaning, etc., we can use our energy to develop drama and / or without awareness, it can even cause the other night with what we do consciously engineer arrived.

Women can use the energy of a different way (of course, this means continued use of most of the energy available to meet the basic needs of families and single). Women may begin to change the world by creating more or highest expectations of men. For example, like to play Lysistrata (where women are on strike, withholding sex until the men to stop the war), we can all resist all forms of sexuality for all people, both that all men have given us a woman in a realistic utopia, where everyone is given the need. Accordingly, the crime is removed, because everything is given to satisfy basic needs. It is therefore reasonable to suppose that men could use the extra energy to seek the unconditional love of women.

Women, on the amount that will give them the unconditional love that man gives, the only community that is fair. Therefore, everyone is interested in showing all that he or the government has more right, the difference is smaller, less crime, etc. The community follows. In other words, people in the band to compete better, realistic utopian society, because the more utopian society, more women comes with an unconditional love, which was produced due to the recognition they are both more utopian.