When should you say "No?"

Has someone told you "not something from more, than you chew can?" or "just learn to say no." This is pretty much impossible for a people pleaser like me.

Perhaps this is because we ran a family grocery store. My mother be a good neighbor, a good Christian, a good business woman, was so concerned about the it about delivered to her family.

She had a heart of pure gold - but if you are only 10 years old, it is difficult reason on their noble motives.

There was once a neighbour of a gift. We had nothing in the store, none of which would fit the Bill. We had food, screws and nuts, hardware, candy, but not pretty things. So, MOM sold her jewelry box she had in her bedroom.... that was given her... I! So, that was my role model ~ you get about it ~ better to make other people happy!

Fast now until 1982 in
I was a new bride of one year and we were only down our first holiday include. It was the weekend before we were when we left with a large barbecue. It is known that I to sew, sewing and love and so friends on me and said there was a new young pair, moved here and were the following weekend.... marry, and...He does not dress have. There were no clothing store in the city, and so would I please sew one for you?

Now do you know what it is, so, before you go - you have so much to do you, questions whether it is really value this work? I was flooded! So was I say "No, I can not." It was too much stress, so I said, "no, I'm sorry, I can't because we way and I too have to do."

But it ends there. Accept not my number, "It will take you long." It is to take nothing for them. You can buy anything in Hay River. "We help you." I was sunk! So I conceded, I'm a pushover.

Then it hit me like a brick.... We do not even have a substance in Hay River store! So I spoke to her and arranged for them on Monday morning come and we want to shop in Edmonton, the patterns and fabrics.

I have told you that I decided to do it for $50
Monday morning we call and bring them the number pattern of the dress she wants... it was not simple dress. SHE WANTED A TRAIN! For a small wedding.... in a house in Hay River. Again, I am the pushover, I say not No.

The tissue in the aircraft Tuesday came in the late afternoon and I stayed up half the night cut and preparation. The smallest size of pattern was available a 8 and she was a size 4. So, I started I sew to Wednesday and seams around the clock for 3 days only in shorts bursts sleep.

My family had to even cooking, cleaning, laundry care, packaging and operation of our cleaning business. I seams and removed and again resewed. I have high even the millions of tiny buttons on the back and sleeves. I hand sewn lace flowers on the train tulle, as we could not afford, to acquire as much top. I have even her a headpiece and veil.

It was a big job, a monumental performance as I had before never sewn for someone else, and she had nooooo idea the victim was on my part.

So was a people pleaser will be a challenge for me over the years. To learn to give if I from my heart can be willing, and learn, selfish say no without feeling.

We are selfish, if we to say no?
For example, suppose someone asks a favor for you, but it falls on your day plan on anything to do. If you have it not dressed to get. Are you being selfish if you say no, to do nothing?

I know what my answer. One which is the essence of life when no know to say! But you can say no! You say "It's impossible!" And never be the reason why. Who can say, with impossible?

Oh, and here is the $50 wedding dress.

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