People are the problem - save the people!

The terrible events in the world such as unrest, protests, hostile governments, human rights violations and war has pointed out not long ago, I like a. Interestingly, we discussed the Government crack downs in China, Burma, Tunisia, Pakistan, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, Africa, and a few of the former Soviet Union countries. Of course, in January and February 2011 critical have to reminded me things in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and why I always notice that people are the problem.

It is not the form of Government or economic philosophy. Is it not the climate, or the region - if who knows you get up to to it, the problem with the self, perhaps they need to grow up only, or need some more time in the evolutionary cooking pot? You are not ready yet. For what you questions; for the next step for the peaceful forward progression.

In fact, I try not by me as a human being a very problematic species - judging by cruel everything what you do that fight that and all and problems that cause they think, because I find it. My acquaintance replied; "I agree with you, every day I am more surprised about human behavior."

Yes, they are right, you know, it is a pity, because it SO much potential in the way they should always together and do what is best. Everything you think to fix this problem? She told me what they were most disturbed; "The indifference to the pain which is only makes me feel sick and makes me ask me what kind of humanity we in life?" "Where to go we?"

Some companies are not well. Religion sometimes helps, sometimes it is offensive. It is usually not the religion, form, or Government, the system or the Government itself, which is the problem, only sometimes the wrong people run things. Good people, doing good things, bad people do bad things, and sometimes bad people doing good things and good people do bad things.

What is is perhaps important that you look in the mirror and questions about where you are to do?

What do you think?

Well, Mr is reader to do something about it, look it in the mirror the queue, and to address these issues. Why not some adopted, that it, and see what you with top come. If you have an idea, or a plan to address these realities and calm let me know that the wild animals (people). Think about it.

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