Matryoshka - the Russian doll

Matryoshka is a wooden doll, containing several layers of the doll, but smaller. The word matryoshka comes from the Russian word "Mat" meaning mother. Matryoshka represents birth many children and desire for riches. Russian women in General set this doll next to her bed and hope that they have many children. Usually the doll has four to nine levels, but some can have many more. There are currently a matryoshka, the thirty layers at the Museum of modern art in New York City has. A matryoshka with 72 layers is in the Guinness Book of world records. It was a gift to the Japanese Government.

The matryoshka comes from Japan. The doll from Japan is the God of the seven luck.

The first Russian Matryoshka doll was designed by Sergey Maly settled in 1891. Was to educate young children. During this time, people from many different ethnic group in Russia lived. On the matryoshka doll folk costume painted at each level of children of different cultures displayed.

It became famous, when he received the Grand Prize at the world exhibition in Paris, France. Later, it became a representation of the Russian people, society and historical background. In 1917 after the Russian Revolution, representation of ideology was banned, only the faces of the Russian farmers remain on the doll.

The matryoshka is a delicate work of art. There are fifteen manufacturing process to make the round form. You are using only a chisel and a carving knife. To the doll painting that must must be material soft and the painter have great craftsmanship. Sometimes signed his name on the bottom of the craftsmen of the doll together with the amount of time it took him to finish the work.

Highlight was the production at the Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow. Ten million sets have been produced. Together with the official Russian bear mascot Misha, people of all bought the matryoshka is home to the world.

Based on the region where the matryoshka, submitted the doll somewhat differently. The matryoshka of Zagorsk has blank spots. It has orange and much to give, a warm red and lively feel. Samyonobo the Russian doll is much larger and has brighter colors red, blue and yellow.

Although the Russian doll was created to represent Russian culture, the matryoshka has paintings of popular icons like the Beatles, Bill Clinton, and many professional athletes today.

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