Lighthouse of Alexandria

Was one of the more than seventeen cities called Alexandria by Alexander, which the great founded the city of Alexandria in Egypt before he 323 b.c.. died ? Alexandria in Egypt is one of the few as to modern day this. ? one of the seven wonders of the world survives, the lighthouse of Alexandria on the island of Pharos built, a small island off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt. ? the lighthouse of Alexandria was a tower, the construction of which was ordered by Ptolemy SOTER, after he himself King in 305 BC. ? lighthouse of Alexandria was not completed to between 280 and 247 BC, during the life of Claudius Ptolemy SOTER's son, Claudius Ptolemy Philadelphos. ? took twenty years to complete the lighthouse of Alexandria, and was created ? as a beacon for sailors in the night a artificial dam are known as the Heptastadion, the island of Pharos with mainland connected and served as a port border on one edge of the city.

The height of the lighthouse of Alexandria assumed that 380 feet. were ? it merged built from overlapping bright stone blocks along with molten lead second bear ? the first lighthouse in the world, amounting only to the great pyramids of Giza the anger of the sea., ??ancient coins portray the lighthouse of Alexandria as tiers striking with three. ? which was first a square base include the hundreds of storage rooms and a large spiral ramp allows materials moved up to the top ? are middle tier was an eight sided Tower, with a cylindrical top. ? combined a 16-foot statue of what apparently be, that the similarity of Poseidon above the tower. the lighthouse of Alexandria was ? municipality surrounded by sea at all, but the directions. ? to the East and South at the top of the lighthouse mirror reflecting sunlight in the day and presents a fire in the evening ?, that the entrance to the Tower of a ramp for 600 foot, that was accessed was based sixteen successively higher curved arcs until it ? reaches the doorway., although rumor stated that Ptolemy refused Sostratus is thus mark the tower with his signature, Claudius Ptolemy discovered years later under the plaster under a different inscription commemorating as an architect, was this inscription in Greek:

"Sostratus of Cnidus, son of Dexiphanes, the gods of protection of the sea"

As on the island of Pharos lighthouse of Alexandria was built, the word Pharos tribe "Lighthouse" in Italian, Spanish, French and Romanian languages. ? and 2008 was the possible theory that Pharos was, that the vertical scale used the size of the Earth was announced at the first measurement of.

The lighthouse of Alexandria destroyed a series of earthquakes from 956 to 1323, so much that an Arab traveller no longer accessible. ? from 1480 was documented the Tower, even the ruins was gone and used some of the crumbling stone Qaitbay, Sultan of Egypt, a medieval fortress on the site. ? 1994 establishing ruins was believed by what, to the lighthouse of Alexandria were excavated by divers on the floor of Alexandria's Eastern Harbor. ? it the lighthouse of Alexandria is still possible to dive centre and other ruins, nor see lying on the ocean floor.

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