Ireland history - the Vikings

The Vikings in Ireland

The Scandinavians were known as great warriors and sailors, the long ships traveled. They started their raids in France, United Kingdom and then to Ireland AD 790. The isolated island monasteries made fertile and easy prey for these Raiders. They attacked at first only for 20 miles from the coast and later it was further inland move started. The first recorded Viking attack took place in Ireland in AD795. She it took decades, and they managed to build camps based in Dublin, an important port. The Gaelic Ireland, you was confronted without any political structure with a well organized and aggressive opponents.

With a sound base began to conquer it; then of Ireland However the Irish Kings began a fight back and forced the Vikings return and their positions in Dublin, Wexford, Waterford and to consolidate. These various Viking started settlements in small kingdoms own in very Ireland to develop, and only exacerbated the existing series of power struggles that already existed between the various kings. Once launched the Vikings, which is in Ireland, they of course more prone to attacks of already feuding Kings become.

In AD 914, a giant Viking presence was Waterford and a new campaign, where they attacked Munster and Leinster and defeated the Neills UI. The Vikings took money for the Irish company to the 11th century and they introduced. The fact that they had settled in Ireland meant that they actually to Irish society, not only coins, but also in advanced shipping techniques and trade contributed.

The main tool of Exchange cows was until the Vikings had a currency introduced. She has not only provide food and skins, but they were also heavily used for the purchase, sale and trade goods. It is still a strong sense of the Viking influence, particularly in Dublin. It is a very good Viking tour which it takes place and you have the option, it is worth to understand this as the River Liffey in Dublin, made it possible for the Viking attacks.

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