How to create music for the organ sons Carl Phillip and Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

The life of the Bach sons, Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philipp Emanuel, Johann Gottfried Bernhard and Johann Christian relatives of Anna Magdalena, second wife of Johann Sebastian Bach.

We are so proud of our family. All of our children are born musician. Why could we have consort as full vocal and instrumental works with family. It is a pleasure to create glorious music together.

Our two oldest young, Wilhelm Friedemann and Carl Philipp Emanuel studied at the University of Leipzig. Wilhelm Friedemann studied mathematics, philosophy and law, and graduated from the prestigious school in the year 1733. At the same time, Carl Philipp Emanuel, educated at the University of Leipzig began to study law also. Carl Philipp still at home with us life and continued as an Assistant to his father.

After Wilhelm Friedemann his Educationat completed the University of Leipzig, he became organist at the Dresden Saint Sophia Church in 1733. Our Wilhelm Friedemann known as a great improviser and organist. Therefore he created yet not as Prostavlenie his music on paper incredible music for those who attend the services at the Saint Sophia Church, but he. Finally, however he has committed to some of his glorious organ Chorale Preludes paper.

Academics be finished as Carl Philipp 1738 the Crown Prince, and soon to King of Prussia, Carl Phillip in Berlin was appointed to his court as the royal harpsichordist. This is a very good position and a ThatI believe that Carl Philipp holds for many years. In fact, he just finished a series of organ sonatas for Princess Anna Amalia, sister of the King, studied the organ with him.

Our youngest son and my 11th baby, Johann Christian, has already begun his keyboard and theory lessons and is good. Don't you know you that there is play our family tradition for each child with keyboard and theory start with her father at the age of eight. (# 136) As usual, our house full of the sound of the keyboard from morning till night with the kids and I practice and play and JS to work in his Office compose and compose. Right now, he is busy reworking some old Cantata to make music and new collections of organ chorales.

We have removed even, just the two of us, for a week holiday to Wei├čenfels. We need some time away. The death of our 24 year-old son, Johann Gottfried was so suddenly and with Wilhelm Friedemann home again, well, it was just time to for a bit. We need some time to recover.

After two years of letter writing and gifts to the King, Johann Sebastian finally received the prestigious title of court composer. Since then, life has here get easier in Leipzig. The many authorities have stopped hassling my husband, and he is able to do his work in peace. He is much organ music, compose, which he plays in his many considerations and organ studies in the field. He travels much and is highly regarded. Johann Sebastian Bach is today a synonym for Leipzig.

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