History of Greece of 11th century right before the World War 1

Most people know a bit of Greece. Such as Athens and his incredible contributions to the art philosophy architecture and democracy. As well as Sparta had that bred and trained each of its citizens to the most formidable warriors the old world ever seen. But what about after that. What happened to Alexander of the great and mighty Roman Empire? That is, what this article says.

Greece before the eleventh century was the core of the Byzantine Empire. But this began to change century when Constantinople was captured in the Fourth Crusade by the invading Latins. Although the Byzantines finally area can take back their city remains a battlefield. Especially with the arrival of the Ottoman Turks.

The Ottoman Turks start to advance in the Balkans and Greece comes quickly in the sights. However, delay is when the Ottoman Empire are attacked by the Mongols in the East. When the Ottoman Empire to start again in the Balkans and Greece move falls under their rule and it is the Hungary which reinforce in order to keep them back.

The Greeks were able to maintain its independence in 1821. Before that it was from dozens of projects in particular wealthy families try to steal Greece of the oppression. A group of Greeks in the Russian port of Odessa on the coast of the dead sea work but on a larger scale, as they March South with as an army with Russian support. 25 Rises in March 1821 inspired by this army under the leadership of Alexandros Ypsilantis Greece than one despite the fact that the expedition failed. The Ottomans react quickly but are amazed by the guerilla tactics of the Greeks.

The Greek revolutionaries are not only outnumbered, but also to fight matters worse with each other. The revolution is the dark, if a large army of Egypt to help which is Ottoman Empire. But even this army and Navy have finished incomplete revolution.

England is very impressed by Greece and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom is very impressed by Greece. So England with the help of Russia and France bring together a large Navy to help Greece. The purpose of which was fleet originally only to the Ottomans they scare but instead engage the Ottoman fleet and win a great victory to kill sinking 60 ships and 8000 enemy troops with little loss. This is the turning point for the Greeks.

Although the war lasts for 5 years, the Greece a nation who become the first King is a 17 year old young Otto of Bavaria. Although most of Otho (can be written for Otho Otto or Othon, but usually Otho in English) rule is good. At the beginning and end are but not so good. But he accepted a Constitution he constantly tries, Greece bring back to an autocracy, and he is finally eliminated.

The next King is a Danish Prince, he crowned George I. George's first priority is everything that once was Greece brings back under Greek control. So, he will continue the Greek war of independence. He is able, several of the Greek Islands as including Crete and Macedonia accept in the North. It does this through a combination of war and politics.

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