Colossus of Rhodes

The capital of Rhodes, is situated at the northern end of the island of Rhodes, built in 408 BC. ? the island itself is located close to the point, where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas merged. ? the city of Rhodes fell under siege and was at the last moment by an unexpected naval power by Ptolemy. ? the attacking army abandoned stored the siege and fled without the most of their equipment. ? the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the world, built between 292 and 280 BC as a symbol celebrating the victory and to honor the God of HELIOS. ? led the construction of the Colossus of Rhodes Chares of Lindos Director.

The Colossus of Rhodes to built in the shape of the Sun God have been a gigantic sculpture bronze, Helios. ? which most accounts say that the equipment sold the people of Rhodes behind left and used the profits to finance the construction of the statue, although a tells says, that the bronze war machines were left melted down and as the outer in the height of the statue of standing 107 metres. ? used, the Colossus of Rhodes was the highest statue of the old world. ? Helios have represented probably, posed naked, with a spear in one hand and a torch high in the other. ?, although it initially believed and standing is often portrayed as Helios with a foot on each side of the Harbour, experts agree the statue colossal form could not have supported his weight in straddled position. ? Although slightly different descriptions of the statue, the most votes of the Colossus of Rhodes was iron bars on a frame with brass or bronze leaves attached the bar represent the skin. ??? the Colossus of Rhodes stood in the center of a white marble base 50 foot 60 meters close to the entrance of Mandraki harbor. ? probably says space engineers today, that the feet of stone would have carved and with bronze plates in place. ? rivetted bronze had 1-inch thick plates for the frame to the knee and the body move increasingly thinner. ? additional stabilization was have necessary would be wrapped around the neck, Shoulder and other joints. ?, the feet of the statue would have had to in the knee with rocks, the immense amount of statue to stabilize be packaged.

The Colossus of Rhodes stand magnificently near the entrance to the harbor for almost 56 years, until he in an earthquake in 226 BC. ? reduced a range of numbers for the statue must be rebuilt, the Egyptian King, Ptolemy was rejected by the Rhodische., who believed that God used Helios the earthquake had to destroy the statue, because it it in some way. ? offended even the ruins which attaches to that for years colossal. were ? stories show, that the finger of the Colossus as the most statues. ? were bigger it is, that the ruins of the conquering Arabs in split were the seventh century moved away from 900 camels and sold as scrap.

What is the statue of liberty in New York on the basis of engineers in the late 19th century believed the Colossus of Rhodes, like. ? search were in the years of the Colossus talks about reconstruction, most recently in November 2008, it was announced that a new structure in the form of a highly innovative light sculpture, in the drawing board phase. ? was under the direction of Dr. Dimitris Koutoulas is and the Colossus of international donors funded the reconstruction and German K√ľnstlerGert Court and is to be the world's largest light installation.

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