Asked symbolism and significance

Bats are the most misunderstood animals. Many stories, movies and myths described creatures, the people's party to suck blood and which can turn them as dangerous and harmful as Dracula. For this reason started bats have a bad reputation. Although some people feared, are bats to human health and the environment benefit.

The Indians the bat recognised as an animal, which is very sensitive to its surroundings and therefore consider this animal as a symbol of intuition, dreams and visions. When special energy required was the spirit of the bat, would often be called as the "night sight", what they called illusion to see through the ability. The Indians it is also the symbol of communication because she watched the bats be a very social creature. People believe that have a bat, as your Totem, you are very aware of your environment and sometimes can be overly sensitive to the feeling of the other.

In China, bats represent good luck to bring prosperity and happiness or peace. In Japan, bats represent chaos, unrest and misfortune. Scotish believed that if flying bats rise and rise, it does so by a witch House. By Finns, it was believed that when one sleeps, the soul takes the form of a bat. Early Christians believed that the devil transformed into a bat, to harass people. An Australian tribe is to kill the bats also will shorten your life. Some even believe that with the right eye of the bat not visible will make.

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